Over the past three years, I have run over 1,000 live webinars.

Yes, that's an average of one per day.

I am currently running between one and three live webinars a day.

Why do I do them so often? Because they're printing money for my company.

I figured it out, and I want to share with you what I learned.

Let's hop on a live strategy call, and I'll show you:

1) My 3 Conversion Techniques for Generating Maximum Revenue From Your Webinars

2) My Six Optimization Levers I Use During the Presentation to Maintain High Engagement

3) My "Common Sense" Opening That Draws People In And Builds Trust (People Don't Do This, But It Works Every Time)

If you don’t sign up, that’s fine: I’ll be going live on the dates below and sharing my strategies to the people that sign up.

If you have thirty minutes to invest in learning how live webinars will help you save time in your prospecting, close more sales (because the sale is done in a group setting) and learn how to have fun in the process - join me!

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